Instrumental & Lab Testing

With us pacients may check their health fully within 1-3 days in more than 45 areas of medicine. Available tests include:

  • Double blood vessel scanning;
  • Echoscopic/endoscopic testing;
  • Interventional radiology and cardiology;
  • Computed tomography & CT angiography;
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging;
  • Urodynamic & more »
  • Allergy (identification of allergen) tests;
  • General tests;
  • Biochemical tests;
  • Cytological tests;
  • Histological tests;
  • Immunofermental & more »

Full Health Screening

Our hospital offers individually structured preventive health screening programmes. During the check-up all systems of the human body are monitored and, if necessary, a treatment is proposed. The program may be carried out within a day. Most popular ones being:


Similar health check-ups and examinations are 2-3 times cheaper in our hospital than in Scandinavia, UK, or Ireland; yet, the equipment and quality is the same. As most of the tests are structured individually, please inquire us for the exact price.

1/2 price

The cost includes:

  • All the medical/procedural costs;
  • Pick up/drop off at the airport, transportation in Lithuania;
  • Phone + Lithuanian SIM card for unlimited calls in Lithuania;
  • 24/7 assistance in Lithuania in case something is needed;
  • Reliable insurance for surgery malpractice.
Exterior of the hospital


Our centre is one of the biggest medical facility in the Baltics. It has long-term experience in treating international patients, as well as working with doctors, medical institutions and insurance companies abroad:

  • +15 years of exceptional health care and personal attention to every patient;
  • Employs 190 highly qualified doctors with international experience and excellence in more than 45 medical areas;
  • state-of-art equipment and laboratory, which allow the most advanced methods for diagnostics and treatment.
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